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Tennentoda Onsen Saikanoyu(天然戸田温泉 彩香の湯)

Saitama / toda-saitama

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Address Saitama 戸田市氷川町1-1-23
Telephone 048-433-2615
Official Website

Entrance fees: Bathing: 10-22 accepted
general adult (more than junior high school students) of up to pm 1,080 yen children (3 years of age or older) 550 yen
member adults (more than junior high school students) 850 yen Silver 830 yen Children 450 yen < br> midnight fee: late-night reception
general adult 850 yen Children 450 yen o'clock fee 22 o'clock to 23 (no towel set)
member adult 850 yen Silver 850 yen (with a towel set) Children 450 yen (no towel set) ※ infants (less than 3 years old) Admission Free
※ member entrance fees 230 yen (will be individual members).

Business hours 10: 00-24: 00 (until final acceptance 23:00)
Business Holidays 7 days a week   ※ a day, seven days a week (twice a year there is equipment inspection Closed)
Toei Mita Line Takashimadaira, pick-up in the bus service from JR Saikyo Line Todakoen. A 15-minute walk from Toda Station
Types of hot springs Alkaline Simple Springs, Chloride Springs, Hyperthermal Springs
Types of effectiveness Skin Disease, Neuralgic, Muscle Pains, Joint Pains, Frozen Shoulder, Motor Paralysis, Bruises, Sprains, Enteropathy, Hemorrhoids, Bad Circulation, Incised Wounds, Burns, Women's Disease
Restaurants Meals processing Aya
Rest areas Day off treatment
Adjoining facilities Multipurpose room (with karaoke equipment), rental units, healing treatment, rug, quick Barber, coin massage, Kids Corner
Equipments Facial Towels, Shampoo, Make Up Removers, Restaurants, Bath Towels, Conditioner, Shower Caps, Suvenirs, Accessible Restrooms, Tooth Brush Sets, Shampoo with Conditioner, Razors, Arcade Areas, Hair Dryers, Body Soap, Brushes, Combs, Room Wears, Milky Lotion
Services Restaurants, Drinks, Beauty Salons, Massages, Rest Areas, Karaoke Rooms, Smoking Areas, Near the Train Station, Parkings
Characteristics of hot springs One Day Hot Spring, One Day Bathing, Natural Hot Spring, Hot Spring Source , Open Air Bath, Sauna, Lying Bath, Jet Bath


  • 2017/06/05


    70歳の母と二人でいつも利用しています。 平日の開店から利用しているので混雑もなく、朝から露天風呂にはいるのはとても気持ちがいいです。食事処が開くまでのんびり入浴し御飯を頂き、二階にあるおやすみ処で私は本を読み母は昼寝をします。その後またゆっくり入浴して牛乳をのんで送迎バスで帰宅します。 このコースが普段出掛けない母にとって旅行気分になるようで喜んでもらえます。館内着やタオルなどすべて貸してもらえるので気軽に利用できてとても満足です。

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  • 2017/01/29



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