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Kurumi Onsen And Camp(くるみ温泉&キャンプ)

Gifu / hidatakayama

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Address Gifu 高山市朝日町胡桃島8番地
Telephone 0577-56-1137
Official Website

Entrance fees: Bathing: Adults 600 yen Children 300 yen (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, weekdays inquiry) / 8,000 yen (with 1 night 2 meals) 4,500 yen (Motohaku) / Camp 4,100 yen (hot spring bathing charge included)
Card Use :Yes

Business hours Full year  
JR Wide View Hida JR Takayama Station ~ Nohi bus Asahi line Totani Bridge and get off at 1 minute
Types of effectiveness Atopic Dermatitis
Restaurants There rest hall, coffee, tea free, Hida beef curry 800 yen, char grilled 500 yen, etc.
Rest areas Hall (tea, coffee Free)
Adjoining facilities Hot spring inn, campgrounds, cottages, bungalows
Characteristics of hot springs Hot Spring Source

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