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Arima Onsen Taiko-no-yu(有馬温泉 太閤の湯)

Hyogo / arimaonsen / arima

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Ranked as the Top 3 popular facility in the service category last 2011
「Arima Onsen Taiko-no-yu」has a total of 24 types of baths (gold bath, silver bath, carbon bath) and is the biggest hot springs theme park in Arima where you can enjoy the bedrock bath. Amongst them is the nene-no-yu, which revived Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s relics after 411 years and mimicked the 「Taiko rock bath」, and re-enacts the playfulness filled silver carbon bath which guesses that he loved sleeping. Please make this a chance to enjoy a relaxing experience.


Address Hyogo Kobe-shi Kita-ku Arima-cho Ikenojiri 292-2
Telephone 078-904-2291
Official Website

Entrance fees: 【weekdays】
entrance fee(indoor wear・with towel, tax inclusive price):adults JPY 2,400 children(6-12yrs old)JPY 1,200 infant(3-5 yrs old)JPY400
【weekends,holidays,specified days】
entrance fee(indoor wear・with towel, tax inclusive price):adults JPY 2,600 、children(6-12 yrs old)JPY 1,300、 infants(3-5 yrs)JPY 500
The bathing tax started last April 2015.
Lodge:「Arima View Hotel Urara」 2 meals included ※Aside from entrance fee, Kobe City's City Regulations have fixed JPY 75 as bathing tax. However, customers under 6 years old and elementary students on weekdays are exempted from this tax.
Card Use :Usable in all of the building.

Business hours 10:00AM - 11:00PM (last admission 10:00PM)
Business Holidays Indefinite holiday available  
7 minutes walk from Arima Onsen Station ※pickup bus available in front of the station
Types of hot springs Simple Springs, Hydrogen Carbonate Springs, Chloride Springs, Hyperthermal Springs
Restaurants Yu no yamakaido(11:00 - 22:00)、Kawadoko no utage(11:30 - 15:00(last order14:30)、17:00 - 22:00(last order21:00))、Rikyu Chashitsu(cafe)
Rest areas Taiko・napping corner(big room matted with tatami、reclining chairs)、break area (both free)
Adjoining facilities Body care, foot sole therapy, aesthetic corner,akasuri corner, souvenir corner, vending machine corner, game corner, banquet
Equipments Facial Towels, Shampoo, Restaurants, Bath Towels, Conditioner, Shower Caps, Suvenirs, Tooth Brush Sets, Razors, Arcade Areas, Hair Dryers, Body Soap, Brushes, Combs, Soaps, Room Wears, Milky Lotion
Services Restaurants, Beauty Salons, Massages, Rest Areas, Smoking Areas, Near the Train Station, Parkings
Characteristics of hot springs One Day Hot Spring, One Day Bathing, Natural Hot Spring, Hot Spring Source , Open Air Bath, Sauna, Bedrock Bath


  • 2017/04/11



  • 2017/04/10


    お金はかかってもいいから手っ取り早く有馬感を味わいたい人向け、というところでしょうか。 ただ、ここのお湯、鉄アンド塩の金泉とラジウム系な銀泉のブレンドをしてるのもあり、結構のぼせやすいんですよね。ぶっちゃけ、わけて味わえたらなあ、と。 あと、もう一つの難点として海外、とくに中国のお客様に強く推されてるっぽく凄く騒がしいことがままあります。 この金額払って落ち着けないのでは、ここより金銀ハシゴしたいなあ・・・安いし。と思うのです。 施設はいいけど、それ以上に高いです。

  • 2017/03/29


    これがホテルが経営してる施設でしょうか? 職員の教育ができていない フロントです 団体客で忙しいのはわかりますが1人1人のお客様に誠意をもって応対して欲しいです 食事の質の悪さにはあきれました ビューホテルもあんなものでしょうか お湯の質は良いのですが混みすぎでいて芋の子を洗うようでした クーポンを使ってももう行きたくはないです

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