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Odo Onsen Hashimoto(小渡温泉 はしもと)

Aichi / toyoda

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Address Aichi 豊田市小渡町南貝津20番地
Telephone 0565-68-2136
Official Website

Entrance fees: Please bathing in the open-air bath, family per person 800 yen Family bath, please bathing with your family one person 600 yen

Pick-up from Aichi circular railway Aiwa Umetsubo Station bus use about 60 minutes
Types of effectiveness Neuralgic, High Blood Pressure
Equipments Restaurants
Services Restaurants, Rest Areas, WiFi
Characteristics of hot springs One Day Hot Spring, One Day Bathing, Open Air Bath, Private Bath, Family Bath


  • 2011/05/21


    単純弱放射能冷鉱泉(アルカリ性低張性冷鉱泉) 加水・加温のお湯は無色透明無臭ヌメリなしです。内湯が家族風呂、露天が別々でそれぞれ貸し切り形式になり値段も違います。本日内湯を利用しましたが温泉投入口から出るお湯が高温の為かなりの加水が必要です。

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