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Tennen Onsen Ebisunoyu(天然温泉 えびすの湯)

Tokushima / tokushima

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Address Tokushima 徳島市論田町新開 66-96
Telephone 088-662-1126
Official Website

Entrance fees:
adults (more than junior high school students): 700 yen
children (3 years old - elementary school students): 350 yen
less than 3 years old free
bedrock bath: 500 yen
tickets adult bathing tickets ( 11 sheets spelling): 7000 yen
tickets bedrock bath tickets (11 sheets spelling): 5000 yen
Card Use :Improper

Business hours 8: 00-24: 00
Business Holidays The second Thursday   ※ In the case of the second Thursday holiday, regular holiday will be change.
A 20-minute city bus Omiko bound from JR Tokushima Station, Oe Bridge get off, 10-minute walk
Types of hot springs Chloride Springs, Cold Springs
Types of effectiveness Skin Disease, Neuralgic, Joint Pains, Frozen Shoulder, Motor Paralysis, Bruises, Sprains, Enteropathy, Hemorrhoids, Incised Wounds, Burns, Women's Disease
Restaurants Rest sky Tsu!
Equipments Facial Towels, Shampoo, Restaurants, Bath Towels, Conditioner, Hair Dryers, Body Soap
Services Restaurants, Rest Areas, Dressing Locker, Parkings
Characteristics of hot springs One Day Hot Spring, One Day Bathing, Natural Hot Spring, Open Air Bath, Sauna, Bedrock Bath, Jet Bath


  • 2017/03/31


    香川県に旅行して、 大阪に帰る途中で えびすの湯に寄りました。 いろんな種類の温泉が楽しめて、 露天風呂も気持ち良かったです。 洗い場に洗顔フォームを忘れたのを 大阪に帰ってから気づき、 お電話をかけたところ、 着払いで送ってくださいました。 とても親切な対応に感謝です。

  • 2015/07/04



  • 2015/06/07


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