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Ryokan Kuroyurisou(旅館くろゆり荘)

Gifu / shirakawagoushuuhen / shirakawagouhirase

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Address Gifu 大野郡白川村平瀬126-80
Telephone 05769-5-2051
From the JR Hokuriku Line from a pressurized Etsuno bus from Toyama Prefecture, JR Takaoka Station Shirakawa-go, from Nohi bus from Gifu Prefecture JR Takayama Station from JR Takayamasen (appointment) Shirakawa-go, deep from from JR Hokuriku Ishikawa Prefecture JR Kanazawa Station Shirakawa-go from the flight bus (reservation-period attention), Meitetsu, from Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya Station from JR Shirakawa-go from Gifu bus (from April to November), Gifu bus (April from Gifu Prefecture Gifu Station from Meitetsu, JR - from November Saturday, Sunday and public holidays only) Shirakawa-go
Types of hot springs Alkaline Simple Springs, Sulfur Springs, Chloride Springs, Hyperthermal Springs
Types of effectiveness Bad Circulation
Services Parkings


  • 2011/10/18


    含硫黄-ナトリウム-塩化物泉(アルカリ性低張性高温泉)と含硫黄-ナトリウム-塩化物泉(弱アルカリ性低張性高温泉) 温泉利用状況の掲示が見当たりませんでした。内湯が1個と道路を挟んで別の建屋に露天があります(今回露天は利用しませんでした)お湯は微青色微硫化水素臭ヌメリなしです。温泉分析書には源泉が2本書かれていますがどう使われているか不明です。

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