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Sannainukumori Onsen(珊内ぬくもり温泉)

Hokkaido / shakotan

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Address Hokkaido 古宇郡神恵内村珊内村57-29
Telephone 0135-77-6131
Official Website

Entrance fees: Adults 500 yen (more than high school student)
in human 400 yen (junior high school)
Children 200 yen (up to 4 years of age or older elementary school students) [Number of times 12 voucher spelling]
adult 5,000 yen
in human 4,000 yen
dwarf 2,000 yen
there group discount on your use more than 10 people ※
※ Youth Travel Village, Japan Local toy museum, to the person who uses the 998 Park golf course, discount tickets will be issued.

Business hours 8:00 pm 1
Business Holidays Every Monday and Thursday, year-end and New Year holidays (December 31 to January 3)  
Sapporo (central bus) - iwanai (central bus) - "San'nai" 2-minute walk
Types of hot springs Hydrogen Carbonate Springs, Sulfate Springs, Chloride Springs, Cold Mineral Springs
Types of effectiveness Skin Disease, Neuralgic, Muscle Pains, Joint Pains, Frozen Shoulder, Motor Paralysis, Bruises, Sprains, Enteropathy, Hemorrhoids, Incised Wounds, Burns, Women's Disease, Arteriosclerosis
Services Parkings
Characteristics of hot springs One Day Hot Spring, One Day Bathing

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