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Kanponoyado Sakata(かんぽの宿 酒田(旧酒田簡易保険総合レクセンター (かんぽの郷)))

Yamagata / sakata / iimoriyama

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Address Yamagata 酒田市飯森山3-17-26
Telephone 0234-31-4126
Official Website

Entrance fees: Adults 800 yen Children 400 yen
※ Time Service: 30 pm to 15 pm 10 (every day) for adults 500 yen (12 years old), children 250 yen

Business hours 10 pm 30 minutes to 21
Uetsu Main Line Sakata about 10 minutes by taxi from the train station, about 20 minutes by bus from euphoric Uetsu Main Line Sakata Station
Types of hot springs Alkaline Simple Springs, Simple Springs, Cold Springs
Types of effectiveness Neuralgic, Muscle Pains, Joint Pains, Frozen Shoulder, Motor Paralysis, Hemorrhoids, Inflammation of the gallbladder, High Blood Pressure
Equipments Facial Towels, Shampoo, Restaurants, Bath Towels, Conditioner, Shower Caps, Suvenirs, Accessible Restrooms, Razors, Hair Dryers, Body Soap, Brushes, Combs, Room Wears
Services Restaurants, Refreshments, Beauty Salons, Massages, Rest Areas, Barrier-Free, Wheelchair, Parkings
Characteristics of hot springs One Day Hot Spring, One Day Bathing, Natural Hot Spring, Open Air Bath, Sauna, Waterfall Shower, Lying Bath


  • 2011/07/29



  • 2004/03/28



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