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Wagou Onsen Yuraku(和合温泉 湯楽(ゆらく))

Aichi / owari

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Address Aichi 日進市浅田平子3-320
Telephone 052-800-2641
Official Website

Entrance fees: [Morning bath time]
flat Date to 12 pm 9: 420 yen
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays to 12 pm 6: 550 yen
[regular time]
Monday to Thursday 12:00 o'clock to 23 (pm closed 24): at 600 yen
Friday 12 o'clock to 25 (pm closed 26): 600 yen
soil and public holidays the day before 12 pm to 25 (pm closed 26): 700 yen
Sundays and holidays at 12 o'clock to 23 (pm closed 24): 700 yen
[child fee (4 years old - elementary school)]
flat Date: 310 yen
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: infant of less than 360 yen
3-year-old has become a free
[tickets (10 sheets spelling)]
weekday limited number of tickets: 5,200 yen
all day number of times ticket: 5,800 yen
Room clothes: pay a rental
face towel: sale for a fee
bath towel: rental
toothpaste set for a fee: a fee sales
comb brush: pay sales
emulsion: sales
shaving for a fee: sales
a fee

Business hours 9:00 am: 00- midnight 0:00 (final acceptance: PM 11:00)
※ Friday, Saturday and public holidays the day before only open until midnight 2:00 (final acceptance: midnight 1:00)
※ Saturday, only open from early morning 6:00 a day and a public holiday
Business Holidays 7 days a week  
Subway Tsurumai Meitetsu from "Akaike Station" bus "Harmony golf course before," get off immediately
Restaurants Meal processing Ebisu, a sweet tooth Ebisu
Rest areas Cartoon corner, tatami Gorone processing, TV with reclining room, game corner
Equipments Facial Towels, Shampoo, Make Up Removers, Restaurants, Bath Towels, Conditioner, Suvenirs, Accessible Restrooms, Tooth Brush Sets, Shampoo with Conditioner, Razors, Arcade Areas, Hair Dryers, Body Soap, Brushes, Combs, Soaps, Room Wears, Milky Lotion
Services Restaurants, Beauty Salons, Massages, Rest Areas, WiFi, Smoking Areas, Non-Smoking Areas, Parkings
Characteristics of hot springs One Day Hot Spring, One Day Bathing, Open Air Bath, Family Bath, Sauna, Bedrock Bath, Good for Skin, Lying Bath, Jet Bath


  • 2017/07/08


    入館するとマンガ読み放題なんで、よく友人と行きます。 朝から行かないと、リクライニングソファーが満席なんで、もう少し席数増やしてくれたら嬉しいですね。 あと、リクライニングソファーでマンガ読みながら食べれる軽食もあったら、もっと通っちゃうかも!

  • 2017/07/08


    いつ行っても、楽しいイベントやっているお風呂です。 この前はテレビで取り上げられていました。 人気が出て、これ以上混まないといいけど。。。

  • 2017/07/04


    食事の美味しいお風呂屋さんだと聞いて、家族で行ってきました。 海鮮丼をはじめ、和食も洋食も確かにお風呂屋さんの期待水準を超えるレベルでした。 お風呂も広くて快適。 ただ、子供向けの食事メニューは増やして欲しいところですね。

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