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Torikainosato Onsen(鳥飼の里温泉)

Osaka / hokusetsu

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Address Osaka 摂津市鳥飼上3-19-23
Telephone 0120-112657
Official Website

Entrance fees: Bathing: Adult (more than junior high school students) 410 yen Children (3 years old) 130 yen infant 60 yen ※ shampoo disabled / Royal bathing fee (various sauna, outdoor hot spring bath included use): Weekdays adults 580 yen Children 250 yen, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays Adults 680 yen children 300 yen / medicine jewelry sauna: weekdays adults 500 yen child (4 years of age or older) 300 yen, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays Adults 600 yen children 350 yen More than 65 years of age, weekdays (including Saturday) of 9:00 to 17:00 until the Royal fee 480 yen, accessible / tickets in medicine jewelry sauna 450 yen (11 sheets spelling) There bath for 5,000 yen / pets (dog)

Business hours Full year   9: 00-25: 00 (the final acceptance 24:00), medicine jewelry sauna = 9:15 to 23:30
Business Holidays 7 days a week   It closed for maintenance Yes ※ main telephone inquiry
Hankyu Kyoto Line, or Osaka monorail Minami-Ibaraki Station from Hankyu or Keihan bus utilization, above Torikai Kitagesha, (with shuttle bus on weekdays only)
Restaurants Meals processing Kawasumi
Adjoining facilities Massage Corner
Equipments Room Wears, Milky Lotion
Services Restaurants, Beauty Salons, Massages, Rest Areas, Parkings
Characteristics of hot springs One Day Hot Spring, One Day Bathing, Open Air Bath, Sauna


  • 2014/04/11


    3月いっぱいで 閉館しました。近くにあるので便利だったのですが!残念です。

  • 2013/06/15


    冷たいお湯が名物です。 夕方は常連に占拠されます。 気軽に利用できる鉄板焼きが楽しいです。

  • 2012/09/19


    単純温泉(弱アルカリ性低張性低温泉) 加温・循環濾過・消毒のお湯は無色透明チョイ塩素臭ヌメリなしです。ただし露天の檜風呂と壺風呂は消毒のみで微黄色無臭ヌメリなしでした。ただ源泉にパンチ力がありませんので消毒のみの利用でもこんな物かと思わず思ってしまいました。

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