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Yuranoyado Seifuuen(癒楽の宿 清風苑)

Nagano / hirukami / hirugami

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Address Nagano 下伊那郡阿智村智里338-19
Telephone 0265-43-4141
Official Website

Entrance fees: 4,500 yen

Business hours 11:30 to 13:00  
Bus available from JR Iida Station 30 minutes
Types of hot springs Alkaline Simple Springs, Sulfur Springs, Hyperthermal Springs
Types of effectiveness Neuralgic, Muscle Pains, Joint Pains, Frozen Shoulder, Motor Paralysis, Bruises, Sprains, Enteropathy, Hemorrhoids, Bad Circulation, Incised Wounds, Burns, Women's Disease, Constipation, Gout, High Blood Pressure
Services Beauty Salons, Massages, WiFi, Parkings
Characteristics of hot springs Natural Hot Spring, Hot Spring Source , Open Air Bath, Private Bath, Family Bath, Reserved Open Air Bath, Good for Skin


  • 2011/09/12


    単純硫黄泉(アルカリ性低張性高温泉) 加温・循環濾過・消毒(二酸化塩素+紫外線)のお湯は無色透明無臭ヌメリなしです。内湯は座り湯と飲泉可の源泉投入口がある中浴槽そして前面のみ開放の半露天です。源泉投入口はチョイ熱チョイヌメリで硫黄と何かが合わさった臭いがします。カランは全て仕切りありでリンスインシャンプーとリンスと言う面白い組み合わせになっています。

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