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Tennen Onsen Saganokaita(天然温泉 お食事処 さがの海田)

Hiroshima / hiroshima

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Address Hiroshima 安芸郡海田町寺迫2-11-37
Telephone 082-821-4511
Official Website

Entrance fees: Entrance fee (consumption tax included in the adult rate also includes bathing tax)
adult general 800 yen primary schoolchild 400 yen infant 200 yen
adult member 700 yen elementary school student member 350 yen infant member 150 yen
admission during the membership card issue fee (card fee) 250 yen
bathing tickets (members limited sale) 10 sheets spelling 6,500 yen
(sold tickets can be used as it is)
midnight split adult general 600 yen adult member 400 circle (price deferred)
weekends limited morning bath member adult 500 yen, general adult 600 yen (children usually charge)

Business hours Hot Springs 9: 30-24: 00 [accepted Exit 23:00]
There morning bath only Saturday and Sunday 6:00 to 9:00 [reception Exit 8:00 bathroom available 8:30]
Business Holidays Seven days a week  
Types of hot springs Radon Springs (Radioactive Springs), Radioactive Springs, Cold Mineral Springs
Restaurants Meal processing "Sagano" (11:00 to 22:00)
Rest areas Rest rooms
Adjoining facilities Massage room
Equipments Shampoo, Restaurants, Conditioner, Body Soap, Soaps
Services Restaurants, Rest Areas, Parkings
Characteristics of hot springs One Day Hot Spring, One Day Bathing, Natural Hot Spring, Sauna, Bedrock Bath, Waterfall Shower, Jet Bath


  • 2017/05/12


    岩盤浴に行きたくて ここのネットを見て、意気揚々と出掛けましたが、岩盤浴はもうとっくにやって無いとの事!! さがの海田のホームページからは岩盤浴は消えてますが、こちらのネットにはまだ存在してます。消して下さい!! お風呂自体は良いけど、37度の薬湯にお婆様数人が数十分ほど陣取ってて入れませんでした…。

  • 2012/01/28


    ショッピングモールに行った帰りに寄りました。 二回目だけど やっぱり他には無いジャングルのような雰囲気にワクワク o(^o^)o お湯はまあ、可もなく不可も無く普通でした。 子供連れだと楽しめるかも☆

  • 2011/11/23



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