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Hotaru No Mori Kouen Hotaru No Yakata Fureai No Yu(ホタルの森公園・ホタルの館ふれあいの湯)

Fukushima / aiduwakamatsu

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Address Fukushima 会津若松市北会津町下荒井矢倉林1
Telephone 0242-58-0031
Official Website

Entrance fees:
9:00 am ~
elementary school students 150 yen, general (more than junior high school students) 300 yen, 200 yen more than 70 years of age, at 4 150 yen
afternoon who have disabilities ~
elementary school 100 circle, general (more than junior high school students) 200 yen, 150 yen more than 70 years of age, there are more 150 yen
citizen other than
9:00 am to the general disabilities (all ages) 500 yen, 250 yen who have disabilities
4:00 pm - general (all ages) 400 yen,
250 yen those who have disabilities

Business hours 9:00 am am to 9 pm
Business Holidays Every Monday (if Monday is a public holiday the next day)  
Kitaaizu regional tour bus "No. Pikarin" of use firefly forest Koenmae get off a 2-minute walk
Types of effectiveness Neuralgic, Bruises, Sprains, Bad Circulation, Backache
Services Rest Areas, Parkings
Characteristics of hot springs Sauna


  • 2015/10/06


    保健センター内の小さなお風呂です 洗い場は5つだけ 8人ぐらいの湯舟がひとつ なので、食事や豪華さをお望みの方には向きませんが、その分、入浴料も非常に安く、しっかりとした温泉成分で、絶妙過ぎるほどの湯加減に加えて何とも言えない居心地の良さ(笑) 毎日でも通いたくなる、気軽なお風呂屋さん、というイメージです 瓶の牛乳やアイスは自販機で買えます 冷水は無料で頂けるので、お弁当持って風呂上がりには大広間で居眠り何て言うのも良いもんです 内の家族はすっかりお気に入りになりました ありがとうございます

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